​GR Multi-media Productions, LLC
Global Research & Multi-media Productions)
was established to assist brands in the areas of research, production, marketing, and effectively communicating through multimedia on a global scale to targeted audiences. We work across industries including the arts, entertainment and film industries. We are known for our ability to effectively engage and connect with audiences across multi-media platforms to achieve strategic organization objectives.



Our team has a combined over 20 years of industry experience in various industries including Arts & Entertainment, Beauty, Fashion, Film, Healthcare, and Legal sectors. Our goal is to build equity, increase engagement and drive measurable business results for our clients on an international scale.



As a global company, we seek to make life easier for our clients no matter their location or their research, marketing, promotion and communications need. We can give you the expertise and creative talent that will take your business to the next level. Contact our representatives today for a consultation.


At GR Multi-Media Productions, LLC, we take a collaborative approach working with our clients to accomplish mutually defined objectives and build lasting relationships with their audience and target market. 

Our programs increase the awareness and visibility of your brand, change perceptions, and facilitate effective communication across multimedia platforms to your intended audience.


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